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Just know about few easy breakfast ideas

At present world, most of the people underestimate the value of breakfast and it is useful to improve your concentration and performance during morning activities. People who skip breakfast will be less attentive, more sluggish and have less energy to carry out morning tasks. In a busy world most of the people are not providing attention to breakfast so they are suffering from plenty of disease. Generally easy breakfast ideas are helpful to women to plan for health development of their children. Some of the teenagers might skip their breakfast to lose weight but it is actually wrong. Skipping breakfast might cause weight gain so you are advisable to take high fiber and carbohydrate breakfast which is sufficient to improve your health and you might also feel full longer. Whole grain bread, fruit, milk, yogurt or eggs are the best breakfast options.

Mixing wide varieties of the healthy cereals which is lower in sugar is good source of fiber and carbohydrate which is suitable breakfast for your kids. Having fruit as the main ingredient in first meal of day might give way to state of the equilibrium in intake of drink and food by person. Once you search in online then you might get plenty of breakfast ideas because eating breakfast is important to kick start your metabolism. Glucose is the important carbohydrate which promotes brain function. If you are providing health breakfast to your kid then they can get enough minerals and vitamins which they required. Suppose you are taking healthy breakfast then you can get plenty of benefits such as it wakes up system, fuels your brain and useful to lose weight. Excessive carbohydrate consumption is mostly related to the insulin resistance that is maximizing health issue so try to follow health breakfast ideas so that you can lead healthy life.

How to stop Breastfeeding

Sometimes it may be challenging to know the right time to stop breastfeeding your baby. It may be even trickier to stop it in a way that would not be offensive to your baby. There are so many reasons as to why mothers may opt for stopping breastfeeding. Some of the reasons include end of maternity leave, medical reasons or just because you want to begin weaning your baby. Stopping breastfeeding all of a sudden is not recommended because it may baffle the baby or cause breast pain, for this reason, it is important for mothers to learn on the effective and reliable methods of how to stop breast feeding.

Steps to stop breastfeeding

The best way to stop breastfeeding is by planning for it. Once you are decided that you are no longer going to breastfeed then it will be wise if you seek a better alternative for a breast milk. Obviously, it may be difficult to find the right alternative. For this reason, you need to consult a pediatrician who will give you the best way forward. One of the options that you may be given is to substitute the breast milk with a cow’s milk and solid food. Babies of four months and above are well prepared for this kind of diet. You may also be advised to substitute breast milk with formula. Care must be taken to ensure that a specific formula for your baby is given.

You can stop breastfeeding by resolving to wean your baby using a bottle. This is a perfect way to introduce your child to feeding from a cup. Since this may not be a simple procedure, it is advisable to do both breastfeeding and this as you slowly efface the breast milk. Any child from four months can comfortably begin to take meals from a cup. Another important aspect in stopping breastfeeding is to make your baby learn to do those things that he or she loves to do without breastfeeding. Many children prefer to take a breast milk before they sleep. Therefore, you can train them to sleep without breast milk. If your baby is old enough to listen to stories, then you can do story telling till they sleep. In all things, let it not look obvious to the baby that you are denying them breast milk.

One great secret to perfectly stop breast feeding is by providing your baby with the same comfort they always feel during breastfeeding. All babies feel comfortable when they have a skin contact with their mothers. Therefore, if you are a mother that is so much keen on stopping breastfeeding, you have to seek all means possible to maintain a skin contact with your baby. This is also a good time to supply them with the alternatives to breast milk. You also need to meet a doctor frequently after stopping breastfeeding. This is because some babies develop certain medical complications. Stopping breastfeeding can be a challenge on its own, but if you consult an approved pediatrician all may work out well for you.

Alcohol while breastfeeding

Alcohol and breastfeeding can’t work. If you want your child to grow healthy and strong then you have to erase alcohol from your meal. Alcohol does not only bring adverse effects to the mother, but it also transfers the same to the milking baby. According to research, alcohol consumed by breastfeeding mothers can affect the sleeping and eating of the baby. For this reason, it is wise if alcohol is not taken during the breast feeding period. The same level of alcohol found in your blood stream is translated to you baby during breastfeeding. It is important to note that alcohol takes along time before it is completely over in a baby. If you want to take alcohol, then you need to stop breast feeding.

Effects of alcohol over babies

Nowhere in the world is alcohol while breast feeding allowed. In fact, in some nations, such practices are strongly condemned. The key reason is that they are greatly harmful to newborns. Alcohol during breastfeeding exposes you child to various risks such as dullness. Research shows that alcohol consumption during breastfeeding reduces the milk production in a mother. This means, that your baby will not get the required amount for him or her. It is common knowledge that babies deprived of a breast milk cannot do well health wise as those taking breast milk. Since breast milk contains the required nutrients for their growth, less milk would mean that they won’t have all nutrients required for them. Alcohol consumption also affects the eating and sleeping patterns of children.

Another way in which alcohol is so dangerous to babies is that it slows their growth and development. When alcohol gets into the blood of a baby, certain organs become affected such as the liver. Since a baby’s liver is small compared to that of an adult, it cannot therefore process alcohol at the same rate. This means that the liver will take too long doing the processing and hence the liver may be damaged. Babies development are also affected by alcohol in the context that they easily become sleepy and also lose sleep very fast.

If you are a woman that is given to too much alcohol, you should spare you baby from any health issues during the breast feeding period. There are so many in which you can stop taking alcohol. However, if you must continue drinking, then let it be after breastfeeding. It is important to note that this is not also recommended. Another effect caused by alcohol by breast feeding to babies is that it causes the baby to be weak. Furthermore it also causes a decrease in linear growth of the baby.

In summary, alcohol while breastfeeding is generally not good for babies. Most babies end up developing diseases that would have otherwise been prevented had the mothers stopped alcohol consumption. It is good practice if all babies are exposed to pure milk. Pure milk consists of all the nutrients required by any baby. Let us love our babies by stopping alcohol during breastfeeding. Our babies are the future of tomorrow!


To the most moms who still breastfeeds their babies, they end up getting confused on whether a combination of breastfeeding and alcohol will affect their children. Studies have shown that the following details shows that liquor content passed from the blood stream of the mother to the baby via the milk will directly affect the child. They include;

  • Without careful safety measures, the liquor content can adversely affect the baby. For example, a child is known to be tiny hence she has undeveloped liver. This means if you breastfeed her while consuming alcohol, the baby will not be in a position to process the liquor relatively as the mother can. This is because, an infant who is about three and half months old, has the capability to handle the alcohol content three times as an adult. With the immature liver, this strains the functionality of the body system of the child.
  • Hindrance to the eating and sleeping progress of the baby. In the event that a mother consumes alcohol hours before the breastfeed, babies who feed from the milk only consumes about 25 percent a lesser amount of the milk. In the end, the child will be taking a smaller amount of milk than the prescribed; they will fall asleep often quickly and sleep for a shorter period.
  • Slow growth of the liver and the bones in the baby. Even if the mother consumes a glass of wine or strong spirits in a day for the first three months, it will still cause the child’s slow growth.

Instances where the mother can safely take a drink

  • Consumption of water after drinking alcohol. This assists a lot in the enabling of the body of the mother to empty the content of the alcohol in the body system. For this reason, the child will have chances to feed the milk having either low liquor content in it or no alcohol content at all in the breast milk.
  • Early storage of the milk. Occurs when the mother impels the milk into a bottle soon enough before drinking. All the mothers should not pump the milk out after taking a drink. They still need to wait for the average two and half hours of the time in order to enable the liquor content in the blood flow to reduce.
  • Adequate timing. A mother can take alcohol in the times that the child sleeps for longer hours. When the baby is asleep, the liquor content in the blood stream of the mother will reduce.
  • The last resort would be the consumption of much water after taking a drink. The water will neutralize the alcohol content hence it will counter effect the possibility of the direct use of the alcohol.

Other effects related to breastfeeding and alcohol

  1. Increase in the quantity of alcohol taken increases the average time taken for the blood circulation to be alcohol-free is also increased.
  2. Care for the baby – some mothers often opts to indulge their kids after drinking. They share same bed and often fall asleep faster than the kid hence ignoring any crying calls by the infant.
  3. Increased dehydration in the child as alcohol lowers fluid content in the blood flow.

Breastfeeding diet

Probably the toughest period mothers encounter is during breastfeeding. One of their major concerns is how to rightly breastfeed their babies. That is to say, many mothers are concerned about the right breastfeeding diet. This only natural because no woman ever wants to see her child suffer. There are many breastfeeding diets a mother can choose from. A correct breastfeeding diet would be that which consists of all nutrients. In other words, a diet that is scientifically approved as a balanced diet.

Diet for breastfeeding

If you want you baby to make most out of breast milk, then you need to know as a mother which food are best for you. Since babies derive most of their calories from breast milk, mothers have to vigilant on the diet that they are exposed. There are certain diets that mothers need not to even think of during breastfeeding. An effective breast feeding diet should consist of the following: spinach, apples, avocado, and squash among other others. A fruit meal like avocado is so nutritious and delicious. In addition, it can be easily be prepared. An avocado contains vitamins and less fats. Vitamins are used in the breakdown of fats available in the body. Vitamins are also known for protecting the body against various diseases. If you are a mother that is keen on your body weight and health, then this is also the right bet for you. The fat that it has less fats means that you can comfortably take it without any worry of weight gain. As a mother who is breast feeding, you should also consider taking food rich in proteins like soya bean. Proteins are important in the generation of energy in the body. This generated energy is required by the body for the performing of other processes. Additionally, proteins have calcium that is used in strengthening of bones and also breakdown of fats in the body. You can also consider taking foods like rice that are rich in carbohydrates and fats. Carbohydrates are used for body building. In other words, they help in the shaping of the body. Fats are so important because they are energy generating foods. The energy generated is used in the burning down of calories in the body.

In order to have a good breastfeeding diet, there are some foods that totally need to avoid as they are not recommended for breastfeeding mothers. You need to avoid meals that have a mercury content in them like tile fish. Mercury is not good for lactating mothers. You also need to regulate the number of coffee cups you take per day. The number of coffee cups should not exceed two.

Another breastfeeding diet that you should not forget is that of eating foods rich in calcium. It is approximated that a minimum of a thousand milligrams of calcium is needed daily for breast feeding women. Some of the foods that are rich in calcium include kales, almonds, and tofu among others. Calcium complements like that of calcium lactate can be taken where necessary. It is important to always hook yourself to the right diet.